About Chef Ann

Welcome to my humble dwelling oh gracious one!

I hail from a most fascinating background of culinary geniuses. As far back as I can remember, there was something magical about being in the kitchen. Yes I spent a great deal of time in kitchens marveling at my mom, dad and various family members preparing the most delicious meals you can imagine.

My father was a great artist who took his talent to the culinary world and became a well-known chef. His culinary abilities took him to great heights in the restaurant industry.

Culinary Training

My travels have truly been exciting. I have been very fortunate to work alongside my dad who was a true entrepreneur and gourmet chef.  It all began for me In the last year of junior high school, my mom and dad opened a quaint little European style bakery in west L.A. This is where my dad taught me and my sister cake decorating. We were able to master the task of decorating his famous cheese cakes and other pastries.

Later I went on to learn the magic of creating his delicious bagels. which was another fun experience.  I learned from a master pastry/ gourmet chef and I must tell you, it was an awesome experience to work with my dad and mom as a young girl.

My dad passed away in 2002, and is greatly missed.  I thank God for all he taught me!

My mom is still alive and I thank God everyday for her and all that I am still learning from her. Being true to myself, staying on course with whatever my passions are and always putting my best foot forward are traits that she instilled in me as a young girl. These concepts are helping me achieve my purpose today.

I have managed and operated a few restaurants from southern to northern California. On many occasions I have created menus and catered special events.  I have also had the opportunity to be a private chef for several clients while residing in Northern California.

My dad left a foot print that I have a yearning to follow.  So here I go in my own creative way. The goal here, is to tap into your senses and awaken your taste buds.

I hope your palates are ready!

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Follow me as I guide you on a culinary journey. My passion burns with the desire to please everyone of you…and every dish that I design is created with love.

Sincerely speaking
Chef Ann

Bon Appetite!

p.s. Thank you mom for all ways believing in me, my love for you will forever run deep!