Welcome to My Kitchen

Finally my own website

Have you ever pursued a dream and wondered why it took so long to become reality? Well this is the result of one of my dreams, WELCOME!

My desire is to make you comfortable and want to return often. How do I plan to do this?

Recipes – from my heart to your table


image of healthy choice


You know it helps to know a little more than just following someones recipes. Are you swamped with the cares of everyday living with little time for research?  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a single place to go for help? I will do my best to provide helpful links to articles and the benefits of my knowledge and research… Who loves you, I do and I want the best for you!

Health – not many of us are blessed with high metabolisms

Have you found that you need to make lifestyle changes? Let me infuse my 26 years of care giving into your life. I offer insights from a caring perspective…

image of a garden salad

This is my signature salad
“Ann’s Garden Delight”

image of veggie pizza

Try this healthy whole grain vegetarian pizza for lunch, dinner or anytime!



  1. Servant Tim says:

    Simply Marvelous! I love your originality and creativity; the logo speaks volumes!

    • Hi there Handsome, Thank you So much for All the support and behind the scenes work that you so lovingly bring to the table!
      I do So appreciate you! The Journey is truly Delightful and I Thank God for it!

      Stay tuned for what I’m about to Cook up…just for You!
      “Who loves You”..Chef Ann

  2. Your foods look appetizing!

Please let me know you visited my kitchen!

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