The Benefits of Lemons

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Benefits of Lemons

Are you mindful of the benefits of lemons? Hopefully this will help you use them in more ways.

The lemon is a small evergreen tree native to Asia, and the tree’s ellipsoidal yellow fruit. The fruit is used for culinary and non-culinary purposes throughout the world, primarily for its juice, though … Wikipedia

It is the citric acid in lemons that give it its sour taste. It is often the key ingredient used in food and drink.

Lemons can be used as an anti-bacterial agent. Quite often I will use the juice of a lemon to soak fruit and vegetables before scrubbing and consuming them/using them in a dish I am preparing.

Lemons for your health

Lemons have anti-biotic properties that help the immune system. We are exposed to free radicals daily; they are in the atmosphere all around us. A variety of pollutions, such as car exhaust emissions, cigarettes, smog and fumes from factories to name a few. All of these things trigger cell damage in our bodies.

This is where the lemon can come to the rescue for us. Lemons are loaded with Vitamin C which is an excellent source of Ascorbic Acid. This helps the body to fight off / resist infections. Ascorbic acid is a source of bioflavonoids that give the body great anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Eating or drinking the juice of Lemons can aid in healing the lining of body cavities.
  • Lemons contain Vitamin A which is another essential nutrient that contains health benefits:
    • acute respiratory issues
    • bloodstream
    • eye health
    • sinuses
    • skin care
  • Vitamin B is also found in Lemons and once again, eating or drinking the juice can help in reducing stress.
  • The rind (or peel) of the Lemon is equally beneficial to our health especially if the lemon is organic.

Hesperidin, which is the major flavonoid and by-product of citrus cultivation, is found in the peel and the meat of the lemon. This is a natural ingredient which helps to reduce aching, leg pain and swelling due to fluid buildup. It also helps prevent bruising and will help to lighten darkness under the eyes.
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More about Lemons

The lemon is a hybrid between sour orange and citron. Lemons were introduced to America around 1493, by Christopher Columbus by way of his travels and voyages.  At that time lemons were mainly used for decoration and as a medicine.

There are about eleven different types of Lemons. For example:

  • The Eureka or sometimes referred to as Four Seasons is most commonly found in your local supermarkets. This lemon produces fruit and flowers together throughout the year. Because of its beautiful delicate bloom, it makes for a lovely plant.
  • The Lisbon lemon is very similar to the Eureka/Four seasons. It has a high level of acid but contains more juice than the Eureka.
  • Then there is the Meyer lemon, which is a cross between a lemon and maybe an orange or mandarin.  This lemon compliments drinks and salads very well. It also has a thinner rind than the one mentioned above. It is easy to recognize when it is mature because it is yellow-orange in color.

♦ Chef Ann’s quick note: Lemons left outside of the refrigerated for long periods of time are likely to mold.


Be sure to take advantage of the benefits of lemons, your body will thank you! Please feel free to share the ways you use lemons. Have you tried my lemon pepper chicken recipe?

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  1. Marjorie Thomas says:

    Good Information Thanks, Alway’s look forward to what good stuff you fill us in on:)


  2. Jenny says:

    I love lemons Chef Ann! I juice 2 lemons or limes or a combo into 3/4 of a gallon of water every day to drink. I have a dry mouth, so the citrus helps control the dryness. Meyer lemons are my favorites & I have noticed they are actually becoming more available year round than just during the winter months. They are super for adding to dessert recipes that require lemon juice because they are a bit sweeter (think lemon bars!). Great share!

    • Chef Ann says:

      Hello again Jenny, thank you so much for sharing and I do agree that Meyer is a wonderful lemon.
      My favorite as well. I just may give you a Chef Ann’s Simply Delicious recipe for lemon bars!
      Keep your eyes wide open…-:)
      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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